LaVerne Black

I was born on a small family farm in Sullivan County. My photography reverberates with the love I hold for the rural landscape and an admiration for the ‘country lifestyle’ that remains a large part of my life. My intent is to produce photographs that are sensitive, peaceful and sometimes poignantly somber. The images pay tribute to the barns, farmhouses, open fields, hills, sky and trees that are so familiar and yet so special to us all. Traveling the back roads and country lanes searching for remnants of my past, I am delighted to fine yet another old barn, farm complex or outbuilding remaining, fighting against the odds of neglect and nature reclaiming its own. Barn boards, stone foundations, irregular panes of glass, which were strictly functional have now become beautifully decorated with wisteria vines and strings of ivy. Farm implements such as hay rakes and cutting bars sit in neglected fields like statues in an outdoor sculpture garden. The need to photograph is a combination of documentary recordings and a passion to raise these historic relics to the stature of grandeur and majesty that they deserve. Photography continues to excite and entice as I learn new processes, explore new mediums and go down untraveled roads.

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