Farm Land bk-wh watermark version

2 thoughts on “Neglected

  1. Beautiful. I love the soft glow you achieve in many of your images like this one. It seems to me like it’s had some post-processing done, but it’s subtle and not at all over-processed. It looks very natural, yet at the same time seems to me to have a slightly dreamy softness to it. Can you tell me anything about your process?

    • Thank you Rick. Yes I do post- process a bit lately. My images are almost always taken digitally using camera raw RGB. I bring them into Apple’s Aperture for some strengthening of the original. It is here where I often convert them to black and white. I will some times use Photoshop (7) to convert to black and white using Channel mixer…..moving around the individual channels to get the desired tonal qualities. I recently downloaded onOne Perfect Effects Free Version 4. Here is where the fun begins. I may use a “glow” or the “orton” or “true film”, what ever looks right. I generally do not go to 100%, but somewhere in the middle 50% look.

      I like you “Shot on film” blog very much. I have a collection of vintage and not so vintage film cameras which I hope to get time to use. My background is the black & white darkroom (which is closed down) but it greatly helps when manipulating images for digital black and white.It seems hard to find films other than 35mm at a reasonable cost. Any suggestions? I have cameras that use 620, 616 and 127 in good condition.

      Hope the above helps. Email for further questions if needed. I found photographer a very giving group of people when I first started this additive hobby and hope to continue sharing. Best, LaVerne

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